Butte Co. Emergency Services

Chico Newcomers Club representatives attended a forum hosted by The League of Women Voters of Butte County, discussing what was available to county and city residents in case a disaster strikes us.

Lt. Derrick Bell represented the Butte County Sheriff's office. He encouraged each family to have supplies for 72 hours. These supplies could be used for an evacuation event or a Shelter in Place event. Landlines and/or cell towers may be inoperable. Family members should establish an out-of-area person to contact who will share information with you and other family members. Discuss potential evacuation plans. There are two types of emergency notifications. The first will be a warning to be prepared to evacuate. The second will be an evacuation order. In a Code Red situation, the sheriffs will knock on doors or use loudspeakers to alert the public.

Capt. Aaron Lowe represented the Chico Fire Department. He stressed the need to remove highly flammable vegetation near homes and to replace shake roofs. He stated that the fire department EMS and the office of Butte County Emergency Management will coordinate their efforts. There is not an evacuation map for Chico as there is now for Oroville. The most vulnerable area for risk of a fire emergency is in the Humboldt Road and Hwy 32 area. News of fires or disaster will be posted on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) as well as the traditional press.

Cindi Dunsmoor is the Butte County Emergency Service Manager. She explained the public information system. There is a reverse 911 that can be sent to ATT landlines. She encouraged the group to register all other non-ATT phone numbers including cell phone numbers on the county’s Code Red alert system. Code Red Alert system: www.buttecounty.net/massnotification

You may use the following link (provided by the Butte County website) to download a list of basics to have on hand: Disaster Supplies Kit Checklist.pdf If you want to volunteer during a disaster, register now at: Become A Volunteer (buttecounty.net)

Check for road closures at http://www.buttecounty.net/publicworks/Road-Conditions